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Ju Ju - Attempt at Catching a Poochyena

Poochyena had all but lost its defenses from the repeated Sludge attacks. Oh, Arceus—it got in my mouth! Agh, it's in my mouth! EUGH! IT TASTES WORSE THAN POOP! ACH! I SWALLOWED IT! it screamed, unable to contain its disgust when it started feeling a little loopy. Thinking the poor Mudkip was a sandwich now (Sludge is one hell of a drug), Poochyena did little more than try and chew through him until the Pokéball sealed him inside. With all of the Sludge, and a lack of defenses to break out with, Poochyena was successfully caught. It'll be a while before the Sludge wears off though, even at a Pokémon Center — it did swallow it.

Capture Get!

Level 6
- Tackle
- Howl
- Incinerate
James Jones - Attempt at Catching a Poochyena

It had fought a tough battle, but a quick one. Poisoned and burnt like an over-cooked dinner, the Poochyena was nearly knocked unconscious just from the smack of the Pokéball hitting it in the face! Regardless, its remaining shreds of will showed no signs of giving in yet, and broke free of the capsule! Surely, Torchic was going to get angry over this — and even though it's obvious the little canine was struggling just to stand now, it still managed to run at Torchic and bite with all its weight, teeth coated in electricity. Maybe if James threw another Pokéball?


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