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Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
1And that is exactly what can happen with weed, as I showed in my references. You could easily search for those people yourself if you want more information - I'm not going to go buy the full article for you or spend hours fixing up links when you can't provide a single source yourself.

2What is the point of debating if it's just your opinion the main evidence whilst not supplying any of your own other than 'I thinks'.

3Considering you spent most of your post picking apart my use of 'most' it's fairly obvious you're bias. If my way of debating, as someone with a scientific degree, isn't good enough for you then I truly give up.

@Toujours We're talking about the route of dependency, not what the body does in withdrawal. Addiction can be psychological, causing the body to act with physical withdrawal symptoms - exactly right.

4Edit @ Above: Lets throw some more opinion of your 'science' into it! That'll make it right! <cough>
1 I don't see how that can happen. No one has died from smoking marijuana. And with the absence of its ability to create a physical dependencywithdrawals... it couldn't create the same state as alcohol did in that situation. Like I said... I don't have to prove that weed does not create physical dependencywithdrawal. That would be neigh on impossible. I would have to list out every single instance of withdrawal from marijuana. For you... you would have to list the ONE instance that causes such a dependency withdrawal. Something you have FAILED to do.

2 You want proof? Give me positive claims that I made and I will fetch it for you. Do not ask me to prove negative claims, I have not asked that of you for the reasons stated above.

3 How does my wish that you use logic relate to any bias I may or may not have? If you don't know the definition of simple words such as "most" how can anything you say be counted as credible? Plus... YOU HAVE NO WAY OF DEBATING. If we all just posted how you did.. then we would have no debate. Also... what is your obsession with scientific degrees? They don't make you certifiably correct.

4 Ok. I recant such a claim. I'll admit, I was "wrong" there in that I can find no solid proof to my claim.

I'll also give you the assertion that alcohol and marijuana are the same in that they do not have a physical substance that creates dependency.

But even with that... alcohol creates a physical withdrawal, and marijuana does not. I suppose that I was more arguing for that in the first place, anyway. Not counting the brain(as they both affect that), alcohol damages nearly all your organs. Marijuana affects your lungs... but not because of substances in it.. but because inhaling the burning fibers of anything would do that. In such a regard... alcohol is still more dangerous

Also... I provided an link and that would be The guy who owns the page found an essay he agreed with. And he's an ordained minister... so he must know what he's talking about. Plus he also has posted observations by a Dr. Robert J Melamade... now THAT is snazzy. And you know... he's a doctor. Chairman doctor, actually. Of the Biology department. I'm pretty sure biologists would know the effects of cannabis on people.
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