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Name: Aria Bloome

Age: 17

Hometown: Pacifidlog Town, Hoenn

Bio: Aria has lived in Pacifidlog her whole life. She was told legends about Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza a lot, but she perfered other region's legends than for her own region's. Her favorite was of the Tin Tower, the legendary beasts (NOT DOGS!!!), the twin birds, everything. She drew pictures of the Johto legendary pokemon often, and put them up in her room.

Living in an ocean town, Aria was expected to get a water type for her starter. When Aria saw a sad Eevee, however, she fell in love with it and chose it. A few people were mad, but most people in the town respected her choice. Eventually, Aria went on her journey, and met her other pokemon, evolving two of them. When Team Rocket appeared, Aria hid in a cave for a while to protect her pokemon. Whenever she was out of supplies and went to sleep, something was giving her more. Once, she saw a quad-legged pokemon's shadow in the depths of the cave. Now that Aria is outside mostly again after Team Rocket was beaten, she wants to see what that pokemon was and befriend it.



Personality: Aria is a swimmer girl who is active and very sweet. Um...but, if you make her angry...never mind. Anyway, she also loves artwork, and carries around paintings of the legendary beasts (BEASTS, NOT DOGS), the Tin Tower, and the legendary birds. She is currently in Johto, her favorite region (for obvious reasons). She has a rich but generous friend named Marion, who was sickly for a while but is better now. They keep in touch, and Aria keeps Marion up-to-date with anything interesting that happens.
Pokemon: Vaporeon

Name: Mizu

Ability: Water Absorb

Gender: Male

Moveset: Water Pulse, Aurora Beam, Quick Attack, Ice Beam

Bio: Aria met Mizu as an Eevee as her first pokemon. The Vaporeon is very calm, and has a large bond with Aria.

Pokemon: Gyarados

Name: Sky-wave

Ability: Intimidate

Gender: Female

Moveset: Bite, Dragon Rage, Ice Fang, Rain Dance

Bio: Aria caught Sky-wave when she was a Magikarp while fishing, and had faith when it tried to swim up a large waterfall, making it evolve. (reference to the legend of the carp in Japanese mythology) Sky-wave is, surprisingly, very loyal, and is protective of Aria. It's also very confidant.

Pokemon: Kirlia

Name: Tekina

Ability: Synchronize

Gender: Female

Moveset: Confusion, Magical Leaf, Calm Mind, Teleport

Bio: Aria saved Tekina (who WAS a Kirlia when she met her) when she found the pokemon being attacked by some rouge pokemon. Tekina is calm and serious, but kind as heck. The Kirlia also loves to dance.

Pokemon: Dratini

Name: Draco

Ability: Shed Skin

Gender: Male

Moveset: Twister, Wrap, Dragon Rage, ExtremeSpeed

Bio: Aria met Draco, who was on a journey to prove himself, on her travels. He is a battle-lover, and like a Scraggy, will be provoked whenever a NEW pokemon looks at him and he sees them.

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