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Stryker the Zoroark


Well, he was here now, after an...interesting journey from the coast of California. Stryker shuddered as it came to mind. The Lapras that had agreed to pick him up off a secluded spot on the beach had, partway through the journey, turned him over to a Wailord for transport. Then, for some reason Stryker hadn't quite figured out, the Wailord had dived briefly, for food maybe?, so he'd had to abandon ship for a few minutes. While in the water, a stray Tentacruel had mistaken him for food, until Stryker made her change her mind with a few blows. For the rest of the trip to Hawaii, he'd been on the Wailord, trying to dislodge the image of being wrapped up in tentacles--

Nonono, don't think about it. Stryker turned his attention back to the house he was watching. Good thing I'd had my backpack delivered here by air. Some advantages to being in the RDM. Anyways, to all appearances if someone bothered to look, a Pidgey was perched on top of the house, keeping an eye on the front yard. He was sure to come out sooner or later. Stryker wasn't too worried about any other doors, since he'd enlisted other small birds - all with some connection to the RDM - to assist. Someone would see the boy leave.

According to what the Vaporeon he'd met had told him, Stryker's new priority task from his superiors was to watch this kid. Nothing too special about his appearance - brown skin and eyes, short black hair, average height and looks, a pair of sunglasses. Among other identifiers, the kid had a Monferno with him, as well as a PokeBall for him, no surprise. The only thing that made the boy stand out was a Rattata's report of him "raising lava from the sidewalk". Somehow, Stryker happened to be one of the 'truly reliable' agents relatively near Hawaii, hence his assignment.

Raising lava from the sidewalk. Stryker found it almost funny. What sort of human could possibly do that?

From the information he'd been given, and had gathered himself, the boy was preparing to set out on some journey concerning the humans' Pokemon League. Stryker reviewed what he knew of that. There were...eight? Gyms. The closest ones were in Japan, China, and Russia to the west, and the Carribbean and New York to the east. The remaining three were in Egypt, Italy, and Israel. There'd been no indication as to where the boy would go.

Stryker's attention focused as the boy left the house, but he shortly realized that he was just getting the mail. The boy then went back inside, leaving the disguised Zoroark to settle back down.

All the same, if this is top priority, then where will it lead?
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