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I have finished.

Beat Team Rocket.
Went to Victory Road.
Traded in Flare. (Female Charizard, starters count for either gender, so why not trade her in?)
Got through Victory Road without a problem.
Beat the Elite Four with no problem.
Lance kept paralyzing Flare. Glad I bought some full heals.
Beat the league.
Credits rolled.
Went on the boat, recieved National Dex.
Beat Lt. Surge.
Defeated Sabrina.
Helped the Power Plant.
Beat Misty, Erika, and Janine easily.
Went to Lavender Town, then got the Snorlax near Vermillion to move.
Went to Cinnabar, to the Seafoam islands.
Beat Blaine.
Went to Cinnabar, then Virdian.
Beat Blue.
Went to Pallet Town.
Got through Mount Silver.
Beat Red, no Pokemon fainted in the battle!
Credits rolled a second time.
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Heartgold Nuzlocke: Completed!
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