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I return again!

So... um... remember the shiny hunt I said I was going on? After a few days of that I got sick of it. Very. very. sick of it. I know some of you view the shiny charm as cheatin but I don't. The odds honestly didn't seem to different to me, even though they are allegedly 3x higher. But... that's not the point here.

So I was running around random areas if only to pass the time only an hour before I make this post. My friends had dropped by and we were getting food... One had sent me to victory road and they both insisted I keep hunting while we were out. So I did. I was bikin in the grass with an illuminate watchog leading the parade. By the time we actually left for food I had been biking around in that one patch of grass for maybe 20 minutes... and note this is a couple weeks after getting my charm. I'm waiting for them and kinda spacing out, as I seem to do with these things... And out of the corner of my eye I catch....

SHING! Sparkle sparkle~

A shiny! And not just any shiny... a shiny roselia... which we had JUST been talking about mere moments before the encounter. I was shaking pretty bad, shiny charm or no... and managed to catch it in one ultra ball after derping and letting my watchog die....

I didn't get a good picture yet... so I can only describe her...


Level 49
Gentle/Likes to thrash about
Poison Point
Petal Dance/Toxic/Aromatherapy/Synthesis

Again, I understand some of you think this is kind of cheap since it was found while I had the shiny charm. But... I don't care personally. I'm as proud of her as I would be if I RE'd her with normal chances... though after all the time I spent in a drought? I may as well have!
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