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Originally Posted by von Weltschmerz View Post
An issue raised in the "Marijuana" discussion, but a different issue entirely:

How much control should the government have in the personal affairs of its citizens? I.E. Smoking weed, eating too much sugar etc. If the discussion goes in such a direction, it could also encompass deeper issues such as governmental regulation of economy and etc.

Um.. In terms of a Government, they should have NO control at all.

Since the Government relies on the votes of the Republicans, Democrats, and the average US citizen, it's easily implied that a large majority of the votes go on to the public and their OPINIONS. An opinion of something like Pot is going to get all the crazies out there hyped up, and they'll vote dishonestly.

Eating too much sugar? Umm... If you're implying that the government is allowed to monitor the average diet of the American People, then PLEASE point me in the direction of another country. That is just downright ridiculous...

In my opinion, the only interference there should be between Rapists and Potheads is the Police force. They have their own towns/states under control, and they can decide for themselves if the punishment is deemed worthy for Imprisonment or Probation.

Personally I think the only reason weed was legalized was because a large majority of americans who voted 'yes' were either Delinquents or Potheads. They only thought of themselves and how awesome it would be to smoke weed, but NEVER thought of the effects it could have on the other demographic. Dishonest voters.

Well.. this has derailed a bit.. but my moot point is that the Government really shouldn't bother with anything, since all they do is either make a big deal out of it, or go to war with it. =/
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