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Quote originally posted by SamuJake:

Anyway, about the story he said. I don't really know. I think he did defiantly have a dream about it, of some sort. But if it was real, eh. Possibly not. People have detailed dreams all the time, and sometimes they feel very real, but all it is is just the mind. Personally, I'd say I'm christian ... but it's sort of confusing for me at the time weather I believe in God or not, but I'd at least say I am agnostic. I tend to think that there is just as much chance as there is something out there in which we have a bigger purpose or something more then just this, as there being nothing and we just live a life.

Being Agnostic is actually a perfect religion when you think about it.

Christian - Believes everything involving human sexual interaction or deragitory actions/words is a sin.

Agnostic - Doesn't believe in god unless proven otherwise. (Very very very short summary)

Atheist - Anti-religious ass (that's me! <_>) that makes fun of christians and constantly tries to disprove any theories regarding a God or Jesus Christ.

If you're a christian, you offend people who aren't christian. If you're atheist, you offend people who are christian.
If you're agnostic, you don't take either side and you look at the logical side of things.

Huh. Now that you mention it... I guess I am agnostic. Nevermind! hahaha...
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