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Gold is visiting Kanto. He's moping around and feeling nostalgic because he can't find his arms again, so when he sees you and Celebi, he remembers that really fun and happy time they shared at the Sprout Tower. Wasn't it fun, Celebi? WAsnT iT fUn?!?!?

As Gold freaks out you and Celebi with his insanity, I call Fat Cat Travel Agency (which was a company formed by Mars after Team Galactic disbanded. She decided that breeding enourmous Purugly like her own was much more profitable than trying to destroy the universe. The Purugly, she discovered, are an excellent mode of transportation) who deliver a giant flying Purugly to the gate of Mount Silver. The Shaymin and I fly on it to the peak of Mount Silver, where the freaky things of Pokemon are strongest, and there I surround myself with an army of every single Pokemon creepypasta character ever invented. Every. Single. One.

Red is pretty confused by this new development.
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