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Originally Posted by kebbles View Post
Wow this is incrediable, i cant believe i only just found this!
What are the bugs before I use this?
The bugs are:
-if you open the menu the textxbox of menu disapeared
-you don't change the color of the test because the wbto with you create semi-trasparent textbox makes the textbox and the text semi-trasparnet because are you found in BG0 (the screen are divided into Bg0,Bg1,Bg2,Bg3,Bg4,Bg5 and Bg6) and makes textbox and text semitrasparnet...
-The effect of textbox finish when you doing warp
that's why it is best to use asm..
Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple View Post
Cool, PokemonMasters! :D you put it up. Is there a more in-depth tutorial for newbs?
its already. You just put that in the script. How more in-depth do you want? xD
Originally Posted by Gamer2020 View Post
I'm sure you can make an asm function to do the same thing. I'm pretty sure all you're doing is setting registers and stuff to use the hardware windowing.
Originally Posted by shiny quagsire View Post
It wouldn't be that hard to write an ASM routine to set those bytes, and attach it to a special, or even hack in a call to that function every time a textbox is loaded.
It for newbies or people who barely or don't know anything about ASM :D

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