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Originally Posted by Antitryptic™ View Post
Koga, definitely. His strategy could be aptly described by one move: Minimize. It's extremely annoying when I can't damage his Pokémon, especially when he uses Toxic while doing his Minimize thing. You wouldn't believe how many times I've had to battle him in order to win. I didn't really have any Psychic or Ground types at that time, either...
same here for same reason. pretty much the reason why my raichu still has shock wave and my pidgeotto has aerial ace. accuracy downers and evasiveness uppers are like my sworn enemy. surge should be easy for anyone although his raichu has double team, just get a diglett or dugtrio from diglett cave. also just noticed that no one thinks Blaine is hard to beat lol. probably because of how easy it is to get a water type on cinnabar.

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