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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
I'm interested in starting a RP in a similar vein to Arcana Famiglia (info) where effectively the players would each have a 'contract' with a different Arcana card giving them the 'power' related to that card (eg reading someone's heart, causing instant death, invisibility, etc), but I'm not sure how many people would be interested in this since it's not a hugely popular anime. It wouldn't be based on the anime other than there being an Arcana Famiglia with each member having one of the Arcana powers, so it's not vital to have watched it by any means. There'll be around 10 characters accepted (including one of mine) unless there's unexpectedly high levels of interest in the RP and there'll be a relatively free choice when it comes to choosing which card the player's contract is with, but each card will have a pre-designated effect that'll be posted before sign-ups start. Effectively the story could work in one of four ways (to be decided later):
  1. One universal boss-type enemy that threatens the family's safety and they must work together to stop it.
  2. There is a competition or tournament that the players are entering for the title of 'Papa' (head of the family) and The World card.
  3. A war within the family where various family members fight each other.
  4. Several smaller missions/events occurring in a sandboxy manner (much like in the anime).
So two questions really; would anyone want to join a RP themed around this concept of Arcana powers and which story progression would you prefer to play? I've already decided which it'll probably be, but feedback is very useful. :)

Also a co-GM may be useful at some point, but for now I'm planning to GM solo unless anyone is exceptionally interested in helping haha.
Whenever I see/read, Arcana, I swear I automatically link it to Persona... but I guess that isn't the only one that makes use of the concept of Tarot cards 'n' stuff. Anyway, now that I've looked and read a little on Famiglia's wiki page, I must say that I'm definitely interested. :D
Aaand I'd also prefer the first option, since it somehow reminds me of the game that I just mentioned. That, and I get the feeling that it'd be the most fun. :3

Originally Posted by OrangeNess View Post
Would anyone be interested in a Professor Layton-esque roleplay? I've got a very good idea for one.
I would be. I'm quite fond of that game. :3