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Captain Mars Artio
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Mars and 3 of his Soldiers in training were in a dark room, hidden in the deepest corner of the earth, not even he knew where they were. They had been transported from the regular HQ to here, where they had no information of where they were. Mars' thought was that it was some kind of secret base for the highest Ranks of them all. He could see nothing, but he then heard a booming voice coming from in front of them.

"Right then, you 'orrible bunch of gorilla's," the booming voice rudely shouted, "you all have a mission. And no, it is not one of your regular missions, this one is a High-Rank Mission. It will not happen yet, but it will be happening soon. We can not tell you much, but you will have to arrive at the far east of Pangaea."

"But, isn't that one of the most dangerous areas in Pangaea?" one of Mars' trainees, Parkins questioned.

"Yes, is there any problem with that? I thought you were meant to be fearless, brave. Are you sure this is the best job for you? Being in Knights of Valor isn't some walk in the park, you will be put in danger, and yes, there is a possible of death."

"I'm sure I can do the job, sir." Parkins mumbled, he sounded embarrassed.

"You will now be escorted back to the HQ, please stay still in your chair, you will be taken shortly." and the mystery man slowly walked away.

Mars thought something wasn't right. Why was it so dark? Why didn't he tell us who he is? He thought something was slightly suspicious. But before he could say anything to his fellow Soldiers, they were being pushed back into their transport, a van, which is a bit ... second-class for a Captain, a private jet or something would be far more first-class for someone like him.

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