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Originally Posted by von Weltschmerz View Post

Marijuana doesn't make food taste better, haha. I think you got some misinformation. Marijuana stimulates the appetite and makes people hungry. When people are hungry... food "tastes better" because they are simply glad to have some food. The only offensive thin that you did was put smoking weed in line with rape. It wasn't intentional, however, so I'm not offended anymore. Being a "pothead" isn't anything bad. It just means you are known for smoking a lot of weed. If that is bad, I don't know. That's opinion. I don't think so, but I know plenty of people who do.

ALSO: I googled it and the first page(minus one link to wikipedia) was about the Colorado/Washington legalization. And that does not surprise me.. They way that most search engines work is that they provide you with the most recent trends in page hits for webpages containing the words you googled. With that being the most recent news... it only makes sense. Give it a while, and it'll be something else. I saw no reddit memes and no images of bums(not even in google images). So I take that offensively as you obviously made it based on your own perception of "potheads" and not what Google actually had in store.

By personal affairs, I mean matters that affect only them. Obviously enough the government should step into stop rape... but they should not step in to stop me from smoking a joint. Domestic violence is also a crime that harms someone other than the perpetrator. But to give you an example you might understand easier... It would be kind of like the government making it illegal for the family to argue because it make affect them badly mentally. Arguing doesn't really "harm" anyone but the people who decide to take part in it. I'm not going to be an emotional wreck because my neighbors got in argument. I might call about a noise complaint... but that is a different situation entirely. It also would be different if the parent was yelling at/verbally abusing their child... that is not an argument and THAT affects more than the perpetrator in adverse ways. I mean... some things are going to make you feel bad... and you're just gonna have to suck it up, but lines are drawn. Obviously it wouldn't be illegal for a parent to reprimand their child, so long as their "punishment" is not abusive in either physical or verbal means.

Well what I meant is that the police force has rules to adhere to. Rules set by the federal government. One such "rule" is that they are merely enforcers of the law, not judicators. That they can arrest someone for breaking a law, but they cannot pass official judgment on whether they are guilty or innocent... nor they can decide the punishment. The punishment would, first of all, have to be standard for everyone. The only route I could see the police taking to "make their own punishment" is by offering solutions to arrest. By saying, "If you do x, we won't arrest you." But again, that is not something they are supposed to do, either.

Just what I always thought. Didn't mean to offend. If I did, I apologize.

Yeah, I never meant to tie in Marijuana with Rape, so I apologize if that was a mistake on my part, but I was just trying to seperate the two and define them so that a younger or less-informed demographic could understand me. =/ ...but yeah, I always sorta assumed that Marijuana made food taste better since most people around youtube seem to claim that. If that's some sort of myth or lie, I apologize for being misinformed. XD

Yes of course, I understand that. I never meant to imply that the Government should restrict couples from arguing, or parents from grounding their kids.... I just used Domestic Violence and etc. to make an example about Personal Affairs.. which is something I do agree with. The government SHOULD be able to control those situations if they get out of control.

I didn't actually mean JUST google. Most of the google search engine is based off of how often you visit certain webpages. I suppose since I visit reddit a lot, I saw a lot of memes covering it. It could also have something to do with what I searched and what you searched. Personally, I searched "Is Marijuana legal?" and I think the first or second result was a yahoo answers things, and then images showed a bunch of news stories and bums... SOME images showed reddit memes, but I didn't see everything as a meme. Sorry if it offended you.

I understand that the Police have rules to adhere to. That's how martial law is created. I never said the Government should abandon to help them altogether, but rather lower the amount of security for it. The more security, the more worried they are, which inevitably leads to things like Cameras on stop-lights. Unecessary spying.

Once again, sorry if I offended you. I was just giving you things based on MY personal experiences.
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