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Originally Posted by Razor Leaf View Post
I definitely should have seen a response like this coming. Last I checked, food was a necessity to live. So KFC gives people another option of what to eat. That's a pretty positive side of KFC, I'd say. Now give me a reason why marijuana is a necessity like food is and I'll reconsider my position.
Soda is literally empty calories. It has 0 nutritional value and is nothing but bad for you. It is not a necessity to live. Should people be banned from drinking it?

How about people riding motorcycles? Motorcycles are incredibly dangerous compared to cars. It's not a necessity to drive one, or even to drive anywhere. Should people be banned from drinking it?

How about women having children above the age of 35? It's very dangerous to the mother and the child to have children at that age. Giving birth is not a necessity to live. Should people be banned from giving birth at that age?

All of these are things that are dangerous, but people enjoy them for various reasons and no one thinks about banning them. The point of whether or not marijuana is dangerous should not be a part of this conversation, because everyone chooses a more dangerous option over a less dangerous option at times. Going out to party and drink is more dangerous than staying home. Eating an unhealthy meal is more dangerous than eating a salad. Hell, driving a brown car is more dangerous than driving a white car. Saying "it's dangerous so it should be banned" is a really naive way of looking at it. I would like to see a more extended argument, where you explain why dangerous things should be banned, how it meshes with the general idea of personal freedoms, and the narrow definition between "dangerous thing I don't like to do like pot that should be illegal", and "dangerous thing I do like to do like eating unhealthy that should be totally legal". Not claiming that you like eating unhealthy, but this is a line that pretty much everyone with the argument "it's dangerous keep it banned" hasn't defined.

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