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Chapter 1 (Part 4) - James Jones

Route 101

If this Poochyena didn't get in the Pokeball now ... wow. It had been burned, poisoned and confused, and if it managed all of that without being captured - wow ... again. Him and Torchic had bonded in this battle, they had became closer. Before Torchic didn't even look at thim, and now they were battling together. "This is an improvement ...", he thought to himself happily.

It did the funny dance again, it wibbled, it wobbled, and the Pokeball made a satisfying clicking noise.

"Hooray!" he whooped as he jumped with glee. Torchic was hopping around in glee too. "I caught, a POOCHYENA!"

Torchic returned to it's Pokeball, and James dashed back to Littleroot Town and towards Professor Birch's Lab, Poochyena had it bad


Back at Littleroot Town

"Professor! Professor! I caught my first Pokemon, a Poochyena, but it's poisoned and burned and confused, can you heal it?" James blurted out quickly.

"Ah, James! You caught a Pokemon? Brilliant! But you want me to heal it ... come over here, over here ..." the Professor walked over to a strange looking machine, with 6 slots in, for 6 Pokeball's. He slotted Torchic and Poochyena's Pokeball into the machine, and flicked a switch on the back. The Pokeball's glowed for a second or two, and then he gave James them back.

"They're already fine?" James asked in shock.

"Yes, yes. This machine is very advanced. So, have you thought of names yet?"

That was a point. He hadn't yet decided a name for Poochyena nor Torchic, he then sent out the two of them and started calling out random names.

"Fire? Biter? Flame?" as he said "Flame", Torchic jumped up high in the air. "So, I'll call you Flame and for Poochyena ..." he called out random names once more. "Streak? Nipper? Shadow?" and as he said "Shadow", Poochyena jumped for joy.

"So, Flame and Shadow? Great! I'll see you soon, yes?"

"Yes Professor, of course!" and he walked back out of the Lab and back towards Route 101.


Route 101

James walked back down Route 101, with Flame happily on his shoulder and his Shadow walking next too him, like a dog. The next thing he wanted to do was battle. He didn't care who and when, but he wanted to have a Trainer battle. He then saw a trainer with his Pokemon, relaxing. It wasn't the boy who he had bumped into in the Lab, he was someone else. "This is it!" he said in his head. "I can battle this Trainer!".

He walked up towards the relaxed Trainer and said, "I challenge you to a battle!".

"Who are you?" he said with a posh tone.

"I'm James Jones, and I'm going to be the Pokemon Master!"

"Yeah, right. I'm Jimmy Kahn, and I'm going to thrash you in a battle ..." he grunted. "1 vs 1, I choose ... Ralts! Prepare for battle!" the Ralts walked up in front of James, Torchic and Poochyena and posed, like a statue.

"Ok ... Let's Battle, Shadow!" Poochyena plodded in front of Ralts, and tried to pose like her. Instead, he slipped over on the wet grass.

Jimmy sjirachied. "Wow, this will be so easy!"

"Oh, be quiet." James said. "I'll start, being your being such a cow ..." as he said that, Jimmy scowled. "Shadow, Thunder Fang!"

Sparks lit up around Shadow's teeth, and he charged towards the Ralts, but it elegantly dodged Shadow. "Pathetic. Ralts, use Confusion!"

"Oh no ... Shadow, dodge, quick!" the confusion beams just missed him, and James sighed a sigh of relief. "Now, Thunder Fang again, and don't stop until you get a hit!

Ralts and Shadow were sending Confusion's and Thunder Fangs at each other for a while, until Shadow managed to bite down hard on Ralts. She groaned in pain.

"Ralts, now, CONFUSION!" and confusion beams were fired straight at them again.

"Shadow, Tackle the beams of Confusion and don't stop tackling Ralts!"

Shadow tackled hard on the beams, and a dust cloud appeared. Both Jimmy and James could hear groans of pain from inside the dust cloud, but didn't know who was winning. The dust eventually disappeared and they both looked like they were going to faint. They swayed a little bit, before both of them slumped to the ground, they had tied.

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