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Well I'm sixteen, riding two years no accident, neither has my 13 year old bro, or 8 year old sister (she rides a dirt bike, so that may be a bit safer). Also that source may bit a bit bias, considering there are links directly to lawyers who handle that kind of thing.

Motorcycles are dangerous to super idiots who think they can ride without any experience. Someone who is good is in about the same danger as a car driver.

Also what about fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances. There is no way a group of people would make it to an emergency without a vehicle, so yea people would die without them. Even a normal citizen needs a car in non-city areas, not everyone is able to walk to work or school, the world is now much bigger nowadays. Maybe inthe 60s or 70s cars were not needed, but today they are about as important as a house or shoes.
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