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Hey there Sol, welcome back to PC! Your intro wasn't posted too late or anything, so no worries. ^^

If you're into pixel art, I do recommend dropping by the Pixel Art part of the site, as I'm sure it'd be a perfect way to get comments and critique on your work. Will you be opening up a shop or mostly just showcasing your sprites for now? The art sections are great here and I'd love to see them get even more attention, so hopefully we bump into each other over there somewhere down the line. n n

As for ROM hacking, that's a very big thing here at PC, so you won't have much trouble finding others who share that same interest with you at all! (Sadly I am pretty talentless when it comes to that haha). Going to assume you're making your own game? Hope you find some useful tools around here to help you along, and I'll be looking forward to seeing the progress in the future.

Anyway, that's all from me, so enjoy your stay here and feel free to contact me if you need any help at all. I'd love to help you out! :D

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