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"What, may I ask, has gotten you into such a gay mood, punk?" he heard someone say. "And what's up with the oversized hedge clipper?"

Sam turned around in anger. "Excuse me?" he spat in disgust. "I'm happy - or as you, thinking your some sort of gangsta, say it, a "gay mood" - because I just got a Pokemon and just won my first battle, is that a problem? And he's not an oversized hedge clipper he's Mercury, or Trapinch to you, and-" he then realized that there was two of this arrogant brat. TWO of him. "How is there two of you?!"

Sam looked at both of them, trying to decide which was the real person, or if they were both replicas. "Maybe it's a Ditto? Or a Zorua?" he thought to himself. He poked them both, to feel which one was more real, they both felt the same.