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My thought is that when the move speaks of 'Restoring energy', it may be energy that helps the pokemon in question to stay standing longer. Energy is something that I see as a requirement for every aspect of pokemon, as pokemon(as Piemanfiddy has said) need energy to attack or defend or whatever else they do. I think perhaps the 'energy' regained from Giga Drain and other such healing moves are speaking of the specific energy a pokémon needs to stay standing. I'd also point out that perhaps willpower would be a factor for hit points. And since other types exert so much willpower in their attacks or defense or even on their speed, perhaps Blissey's will is all poured into it's stamina and staying up as long as it can to help it's fellow pokémon.

I wouldn't say there's any clear cut answer, so I'll think on this a little more. But for now, that's what I think.
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