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Quote originally posted by OrangeNess:
Would anyone be interested in a Professor Layton-esque roleplay? I've got a very good idea for one.
Quote originally posted by Vato:
How would it work? I understand that the Professor Layton series involves solving lots of puzzles of increasing difficulty. How would you implement these? And about the story?

A Professor Layton RP is something I'm definitely interested in, and it would be interesting to see how you would make it work out :)
Agreed. It would be interesting to see how it would work. I know puzzles in RPs (I tried them in pandora and I tried them in my twewy RP) don't seem to go very smoothly as people sometimes aren't as bright or are too smart d;

Also, I like to think there a certain... Formula for RPs working that are based off series. You have to think like this; is the series dependant on the one character or could this happen to anyone? In professor laytons case, it's very much dependant on him, as he is the professor! Same with games like zelda or shows like avatar. Story lines specific to one specific person usually have a hard time working as a RP.

Something like Pokemon though, or basically any RPG game, the events are usually a instance of "right place right time".