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Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
I don't know what you missed but you can get help from the list of episodes Meta posted on first page. From there you can check or mark which event you missed by any chance
The only event I missed is a non-mandatory event, which was the butterfree mating event. That only leaves one explantion: I glitched up the game when I glitched passed thye guard in a way that wasn't supposed to happen beforeI completed the pokemopolis and bad to the bone events. New file, here I come! XD It's okay, I kind of want to start a new file of this amazing game anyways. Any clue when the next version of the beta is coming out? I really want the Charizard Chills event to happen soon, though that probably won't even be out next release anyways.

Btw, aerodatyl and exeggcutor FTW!
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