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Vieve Gotle

“That was easier than I thought!” I make the LIGHTWRATHER appear in my hands and slam it into my desk. The weapon slices through the wooden desk as if it is, well, cheese! I smile at my successful creation but there is just one more thing that I need to do. I return my axe back to it's right place and notice I have three empty pink cards left so I retrieve two of them to use for my next creation. Slipping off my watch is more of a hassle than it should be but I manage to do it without recalling all the painful memories. The next thing to do is place the watch inside the pink card, which I promptly do then almost do the same with my computer. Wait! There’s messages from people… I guess that I should respond to those before I do this alchemizing experiment. VIRALBLASTER. WUT. So this person is back well I’m not to sure how I feel about this.
-- viralBlaster [VB] began pestering paintSplatter [PS] --
VB: Hi Vieve.
VB: Your situation is going grim. There are ogres everywhere around your house. I don't know why ogres specifically flock your land.
VB: Basilisks seem to favor Candice's land.
VB: And some kind of sea monster crawls up around Ricardo's house at the moment.
VB: Vinnie has even got flying underlings now.
VB: See, I've managed to figure out how to get the viewport in my program to track you inside the Inciphisphere now. It wasn't at all as difficult as I thought. And it gives me a clue...
VB: or rather, proves what my friend thought but that I tried to deny at first.
VB: It will likely be clear when you pass through your first gate. Or at least we can manage to do something to find out then.
VB: And don't worry about your sprite or brother. As long as you go through that gate, they will be fine. If you go through it in time.

PS: Uh… okay
I shut my computer, what else am I suppose to say? They just told me all this information and I’m not sure what to do with it. I really can’t do much about it until I cross through my first gate like viral said. It seems like our imp-like creatures have all slight changes to them but why is that? Does this have something to do with our lands? If I pass through that gate what will happen? I open my computer again I should at least say goodbye to everyone if I’m going to die right? Vinnie conversation is already glowing so I click on that one. Well, that is my first mistake of the day. His words tear through me causing me to become emotional. I swipe my eyes before the tears can fall down my face. Is this really the person I’ve become? Scanning the rest of the messages I see that I still need to build the rest of gate or the way to his gate. Selecting the build option I quickly get to work forgetting to keep wiping my face so tears drop down onto my keyboard. The finish product includes doubling the number of stories of Vinnie’s house than putting a vertical ladder that reaches up to his first gate from his actual room.

BV: Hey Vieve.
BV: Im sorry I yelled at you. But can you stop ignoring me?
BV: We have to work together on this thing
BV: And I have to get up to my gate somehow
BV: Hello?

PS: It’s done.
My lost for words is definitely a first… To distract myself I go through the motions of my first alchemizing experience but this time with my watch and computer inside of aluminum and my axe….

I see Cloystersprite and Gavin arguing over something that’s more than likely trivial. Wait, when he did he recover from his unconscious state? I shake my head and head towards Gavin’s “room” because now it’s just a bunch of stairs. That weird person said they would be okay as long as I pass through my gate. Fortunately there isn't any imps in my way! I take the stairs two at a time, let’s hurry this up! Do I really want this to hurry up? I wonder what’s beyond this gate because it could just be a trap set. Yeah, why are we listening to these random people that we know nothing about but they seem to know everything about us?

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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