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Quote originally posted by Claire*:
I'll try and get another post up soon. I apologize if I haven't kept up my usual rate of posting on this one. Just have had some writer's block as of late. :\

Just for the future, would anybody like to have some interaction with my character moving forward?
I would normally love to, but, erm... I kind of seem to be headed to interaction with Garet's character anyway. However, I wouldn't mind in the future.

Hey Nideous, I recall you posted the gym leaders. As I seem to be in a upcoming confrontation with one anyway, do I come up with their team based on the team used in the game or do you (or Fuyu) want to specify a gym? Also, I don't expect to be posting with the same frequency as I am right now. Not writers block, but I feel I'm neglecting the other RP I'm in a bit, and that's not a good thing.
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