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Yeah it slipped my mind that sky attack was a two turn move.
I replaced scizor with a skarmory that knows Drill Peck, Steel Wing, Spikes, Roar
and I also am planning on switching out Blazikan for Metagross.
It has a Jolly nature and perfect IV's in Hp, Defense, Sp Defense, and a 24+ iv in attack. It's speed is not that great regardless of its Jolly Nature but I am planning on EV training it in 50% attack 25% speed and 25% hp.
It's moveset is BrickBreak, Meteor Mash, Aerial Ace, and Rain Dance.
I know most people would say switch rain dance for earthquake and I see why. But, the purpose of earthquake would be to cover its fire weakness right? Well Rain Dance will lower fire attacks by 50%. And the other moves it knows covers most of the same types as earthquake would. And i can 1hitKO most things with meteor mash anyways. In addition, the rain dance is used so I can switch Kingdra and then max out double team.
What do you guys think?
And also I'm debating on switching Umbreon for Dusclopse as an Annoyer/Tank? It would be much easier to get and WoW appose to Toxic would be better for tanking. However I like Umbreons Wish and speed. Also Dusclopse's hp stat worries me.

Oh, I just got an idea of giving Skarmory double team instead of steel wing! Good choice?