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Quote originally posted by Zaerosz:
All good to know, except I already know how to do that and that isn't what I was asking at all. What I was asking was how to stop the hero and heroine OW sprites from reading from the same palette. But it doesn't matter anyway because I changed the heroine's sprites to use the same palette as the hero. Which brings me to my next question:

If the backsprites for the hero and heroine use the same palette like everything I've found on the subject indicates, why is my hero backsprite displaying the correct palette, when my heroine backsprite is still for some reason using the default palette? I would post images but, well, I can't. Because of my post count.

I have found a lot of cases where the same palette is copied around in several places, so while they may use the same one, it might also be different.

I suggest using the VBA/APE method of finding palletes to really see the exact one the backsprite is using