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Originally Posted by killblaze777 View Post
The only event I missed is a non-mandatory event, which was the butterfree mating event. That only leaves one explantion: I glitched up the game when I glitched passed thye guard in a way that wasn't supposed to happen beforeI completed the pokemopolis and bad to the bone events. New file, here I come! XD It's okay, I kind of want to start a new file of this amazing game anyways. Any clue when the next version of the beta is coming out? I really want the Charizard Chills event to happen soon, though that probably won't even be out next release anyways.

Btw, aerodatyl and exeggcutor FTW!
That explains why you having a problem. Using Walk through Walls cheats always have a risk of causing in game problems
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