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"Craaaaapp!", Jupiter exclaimed as the burnt, dazed, wounded Seedot hopped away and was not seen again. "How can it flee? Damn Arceus.. F#&%$@!", Jupe mumbled some more, incoherent things.

Scorcher too was disheartened at Seedot's escape. He hung his head, as if it was all his fault. Aquaseas went to cheer up his friend.

"Mud! Mud.. Kip."



"Poo.. Yena!"

Jupe noticed this at walked towards him, "Hey Scorcher, you did really well. In fact, you were amazing.. See how he fled, he couldn't even battle you." Scorcher looked at him, and Jupiter smiled. . .

"You just don't know your capabilities yet. There.. See those two Pidgeys? They can't stand before you!"

The vocal tonic worked, Scorcher got ready once more.

"Use Incinerate and burn the branch they are perching on."

A bright orange flame spouted from Scorcher's mouth and hit the branch, burning it in the process and startling the two Pidgeys. The angry duo swooped overhead a few times to gain momentum and went for a tackle.

"Go Scorcher, Bite that Pidgey! Aquaseas, stop the other Pidgey with a Tackle!"

Aquaseas ran forward and took a jump. In a brilliant head-on collision, the Pidgey was stopped dead in its tracks, and thrown against a tree. With another tackle from Aquaseas, it fainted.

While Aquaseas battled, Scorcher bit the other Pidgey's leg and didn't let go. It tried to fly but in vain.

"Very good Scorcher. Now use incinerate to finish that pidgey off!"

The flame ball struck the Pidgey at point blank range, which immediately fainted.

"Yeah! Awesome coördination. See Scorcher, you did it. You too were great Aquaseas, congratulations you two!"

The two pokemon jumped up and down seeing their trainer so happy. Jupiter's eyes were scanning the surrounding area for a old tree, where the acorn pokemons generally live. . . .

And he found it finally. It was a shaggy looking old tree, some 12-13 meters away.

"Hey, want a surprise? Come on, follow me."

The two pokemon happily followed their trainer to the tree. It was much bigger and older than they had expected. It had a huge girth, branches thick as pillars. The leaves mostly were of a yellowish green shade.

Numerous pokemon were on the tree, or in its victinity. A bunch of Wurmple were munching its leaves, Pidgeys soared above it and perched to rest. Two Vulpix were playing around its trunk. But the pokemon he was searching for wasn't there, until..

His eyes struck an acorn on a higher branch. YES ITS A SEEDOT FINALLY!

"Go Poochyena.. Show your might.. There.. Use Incinerate.. Take aim. . . . Fire"

A bluish red fireball hit the Seedot clear. It cried in pain and fell with a low thud. It was dazed from the fall, Jupe didn't miss it.

"BITE it with all your strength!"

Scorcher jumped on the Seedot and bit it. His teeth came down on Seedot with sheer force, as if he used CRUNCH (?).

"Now just like you defeated Pidgey, use incinerate!"

Again Scorcher fired away at point blank range, the force making Seedot fly away a few feet. It was swaying, even then, it tried to tackle Scorcher.

"This will end it for good. Concentrate the flame in your mouth and blast away only when it comes near you."

Scorcher concentrated the fire, as the Seedot came near him. It was only a foot away.


A huge blast of fire spouted out of Poochyena's mouth, sending the Seedot on flame. As the fire subsided, it was smoking, barely able to stand when Jupiter chucked a pokeball at it.

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