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Originally Posted by Daniel Evans View Post
Ok, peeps. Time for a new topic. :D

It seems that even though he doesn't broadcast it, President P-Noy has actually done alot of projects that involves helping the poor and curing the sick, stuff like that. Unlike our PREVIOUS president, GMA, who has bragged about everything she has done, although it's quite a few, if not none.
Well, that's all good and, most of the time, I like to think that our country is recovering from corruption deceit evil politicians bad corporate business companies stuff, but sometimes, my pessimistic side tells me that sometime in the far future, the stuff will come back So yeah, my thoughts about the topic is fairly positive

The team I am currently stuck with 'til the very end.
The dream of a trainer,
Is that to be a Pokemon Master.
But, when those pokemon,
Become tools for that very Title,
Chosen, and then dicarded.
Does one deserve such a title?

Nuzlocke Challenge Accepted!
1. When a Pokemon faints, it dies.
No Revives
Dead Pokemon must be placed on a box called Heaven, or RNG Offerings
2. All Pokemon must be given nickNames
Those Pokemon are your family now! Leave them to die and you are a monster Bad person!
3.Catch only the first Pokemon you see in the area.
One can't go back and catch one again, even if the caught Pokemon is dead
My Clauses:
1. Duplicate Clause
When one encounters an already caught Pokemon, when may try again for 2 more tries. You're out of luck if it's still the same Pokemon after 3 encounters
2. Sacrifice Clause
When one encounters a shiny Pokemon, one must absolutely overkill it, if possible. One can then revive a dead Pokemon when one kills 5 sacrificeshinies
3. Notepad Clause
One can't change parties, unless a Pokemon dies