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I'm not really sure if it is a good place to post that...
Some time ago my friend and I started to play Pokemon Fire Red on Gameboid. She was the first, who defeated Elite Four. We were both very surprised and excited that there is something more after the ending credits (Sevii Islands). But well, when I finally defeated Elite Four, my rival and became a Pokemon Master, my game just ended. Here's an exact description:
After prof. Oak have put my pokeballs into that strange machine, I saw "Game is saving" for a two seconds. Then I patiently waited until credits ended and ... the game returned to the main menu. And here's the problem - my only save (in game) is three months old, when my Bulbasaur was on 10th level... What should I do to continue the game and go to the Sevii Islands?
As I said - my only "fresh" saves are these made by Gameboid, not in the game. To be honest, I have no idea how to save the game "properly". Can somebody help me, please? I really want to continue the game!
Sorry for my poor English