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...What is Gameboid? I don't want to sound rude, but do you mean GameBoy? Since you mentioned your English is bad, I read your post about three times to try to get what you mean, and I'm still having a hard time understanding. If you're playing the game on a legit Game Boy Advance, you should just pause the game and click save and that's how you save. If you really meant Gameboid, which I assume is some kind of emulator, then you would probably need to ask in Emulation instead.

I'm trying to understand your question as best as I can, sorry. :(

Edit: Okay, Drakow confirmed that Gameboid is an emulator. This sounds more like it's an issue with that, so you're gonna want to ask in Emulation, cause this thread is for questions about the game, not what you're using to play the game. Sorry about that. I hope you can find your answer there!

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