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Originally Posted by Checkers_Albino_Umbreon View Post
In the Carmine Forest at night. You should make a Slendy Pokemon. That would scare so many players! You can have it jump out at you while your walking down the path! P.S. Can I do some Pokemon Spriting? I'm good at fusions and re-colors. No good at re and devamps.
Ahh, unfortunately, our project, while supporting the capacity for Fakemon, will not be featuring Fakemon themselves. That includes entirely new scratched sprites, fusion, re-colors, and re/devamps. Sorry! However, once complete, you are free to include any and all fakemon and tweaked sprites that you may desire. If you have any sort of interest in the project, I encourage you to head over to our thread ( and check it out! Make suggestions if you want on features you'd like for us to add to the engine!

Still looking for spriters for Pokemon Azure! If you're even the slightest bit interested, contact either me or DJClass. More information available on the Azure thread.
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