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Originally Posted by Pink Mommy View Post
Guess I'm the first one in this thread.
Question... are all of this for Gen V, or do you also have Gen IV pokemon?
If so, what do you want for them?
Only the Pokemon in the Unova section are on my Generation V cartridge. The rest are all on my Generation 4 cartridges. I'm currently looking for any LEGIT events. Or anything that has decent IVs. I'm also willing to do EVing for said Pokemon. Respond with a PM/VM so as not to clutter this thread.
Originally Posted by x Necromorph x View Post
I can do EV training on Gen IV.

And I can make banners, I've been using photoshop for a long time.
Sounds great. You'll only be able to EV train whatever isn't in the Unova section though. As for the banners I pretty much want banners made for ever region: Kanto, Johto, etc. You'll get a minimum 5 Credits for each banner made and it may be more depending on how much I like the banner. Each Pokemon is worth 1 credit. So the more you make the more you can obtain Respond with a PM/VM so as not to clutter this thread.
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