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Quote originally posted by Nintendork15:
Out of curiousity, any reasons why the Pokéballs and Pokédex's have been swapped around from the original releases?
In HG/SS, during the event where you can get a Gen I starter Pokémon, the starters are on the top table. My maps are all based off of HG/SS maps, and since the top table is smaller, it's more aesthetically pleasing to have the Poké Balls on the smaller table, rather the Poké Balls on the big table, and putting three gigantic Pokédexes on the small table.

Quote originally posted by kebbles:
The screens are nice man, i really like the oak overworld, is it custom made because ive never seen it before.
And the edits you have made give the game some originality which just makes me want to play this even more, also will there be a team rocket event on the ss anne? Its okay if you want to keep it a secret you dont have to answer that question.
Yes, it's custom made to mimic the R/S/E style. All of the custom graphics in this hack were made by me.

Quote originally posted by Ach7AC:
Hmm... is this a completely new Chaos Rush story or does it follow/is based on the manga?
Completely new Chaos Rush story.