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Man, you guys are having some great ideas, my attempt will be nowhere near as good lmao. I love all the talk about Gaia, that's a really interesting concept. I'm going to go with a existing legendary though since I think what I'm about to suggest should have been the focus for BW2; I think Virizion should be the box art in the next game, alongside a game with Terrakion. Virizion and Terrakion are such cool Pokémon and much a very interesting pair when it comes to their joint powers, so I'd love to see them be properly featured in the games for once rather than just having a random side mention when you first find them. As for Cobalion, he'd be the group's leader (sort of like Rayquaza in RSE), and the story could essentially follow the vein of a huge epic battle between the two legendary deer-warrior-things where they lead an army of Pokémon each into a war and it's up to the hero to stop them. There'd be a whole army of Grass types from Virizion and I think it'd suit the concept of these Pokémon pretty well, so I think Virizion would be perfect as a box art Pokémon. :D