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Quote originally posted by Griffinbane:
Now for my question. Does anyone have any ideas on how to finish the last Brycenman movie? I'm having trouble KOing everything in one move, something always survives. :(
Did a quick search for this on GameFAQs. Counter and Reversal are key to winning. Hope this helps.

Brycen Man Strikes Back Harder                                          [BRY4]

How to unlock: Have a happy (good) endings in all other movies.

PLOT: Brycen-Man is back? The battle transcends space!
MISSION: Knock out an opponent every scene.

Total Scenes: 6

Rental Pokemon: 

Lucario     (Male)
Lv. 99      (Fighting/Steel)
Ability:    Inner Focus
Holding:    Focus Sash
Vacuum Wave [Fighting/Special]
Reversal    [Fighting/Physical]
Counter     [Fighting/Physical]
Drain Punch [Fighting/Physical]

Opponent: Brycen-Man

Weavile   (Male)
Lv. 99    (Dark/Ice)
Ability:  Pressure
Holding:  Quick Claw
Ice Shard [Ice/Special]

Houndoom  (Male)
Lv. 99    (Dark/Fire)
Ability:  Early Bird
Holding:  Chople Berry
Fire Fang [Fire/Physical]

Hydreigon    (Male)
Lv. 99       (Dark/Dragon)
Ability:     Levitate
Holding:     Oran Berry
Dragon Pulse (Dragon/Special]

Bisharp   (Male)
Lv. 99    (Dark/Steel)
Ability:  Defiant
Holding:  Expert Belt
Iron Head [Steel/Physical]

Sharpedo (Male)
Lv. 99   (Water/Dark)
Ability: Rough Skin
Holding: Water Gem
Aqua Jet [Water/Physical]

Zoroark  (Male)
Lv. 99   (Dark)
Ability: Illusion
Holding: Dark Gem
Payback  [Dark/Physical]


Scene 1: Use everything you know and have!
Scene 2: Use everything you know and have!

Line Choices:    Outcome: Enemy Moves:
"Bring it on!"   Good     --*
"What was that?" Bad      --*

Scene 3: Use everything you know and have!

Line Choies:   Outcome:    Enemy Moves:
"As expected!" Good        --*
"Whatever!"    Bad/Strange --*

Scene 4: Use everything you know and have!
Scene 5: Use everything you know and have!
Scene 6: Use everything you know and have!

Good Ending:
Scene 1: Drain Punch
Scene 2: Counter
Choose GOOD option ("Bring it on!")
Scene 3: Reversal
Choose GOOD option ("As expected!")
Scene 4: Drain Punch
Scene 5: Drain Punch
Scene 6: Reversal
-(Pay attention to the moves each Pokemon has, they only have one move each,
 if they move first, use a move that attacks back (Counter, etc). If they move 
 second, take the initiative (Force palm, etc). Read up on the opponent's
 moves and Pokemon in the Script carefully!)

Bad Ending:
-Get KO'd
-Fail to KO the enemies

Strange Ending:
-Choose Dialogue choice "Whatever!" at the second option (it is considered
 the "Bad" option, but I marked it as "Strange" as well since it gets you
 this one)