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Originally Posted by adenosin View Post
Could you explan how did you make the spcecial/physical/status symbol appear in the moves info menu?

It seems very professional, and I would want to do the same with other attack attributes and, if possible, to ivs and evs.

I don'n need a very precise explanation, but some directions would be appreciated.


This post contains the necessary code for it, and Darthatron's original post, on the previous page, has the image and insert location. Put the 2 together to get it working. FR only though.

Originally Posted by PokemonMasters View Post
Just wondering, how much space does this take up?
0x71A000 - 0x770000 (ASM, most data and tables, new move battle scripts)
0x800000 - 0xB31000 (cries and moveset data)
0xED0000 - 0xF50000 (sprites)

As of right now, at least. (This is just the stuff I've added, that doesn't include what FR already has in it).
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