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Hi. Forgive me if I am a total n00b at writing, but this is my first fanfic and I need to practice and stuff for my upcoming exams. I will thankfully accept CONSTRUCTIVE criticsm (not 'this sucks', more like 'I do not like this because...')but I can be a little bit touchy at times so be careful. I'm going to do a little authors note at the end of each chapter and at the beginning. Also, I've seen on things in fanfiction .net (no dont go on the site, the pokemon section is terrible, so are most bits) where the author answers questions to the characters from the readers. The questions would be posted in the reviews, so if you have any questions for the characters, please put them at the bottom of your review. This is optional, but not just questions, I'd quite like something helpful too please. Anyway, this is a pokemon minecraft crossover... so enjoy.


Chapter 1 : Who, what, where, why, when, how.

Day 1

Today, I woke up in a strange, blocky world, where everything is a one times one meter cube. It is all pixelly, amd feels like a classic video game. I feel unsettled, because I know nothing about this world, or who I am, or what I'm doing here.

In my hand were two curious items. There was a tattered leather book, with dust covering it, so that its once bright red cover is now a reddish brown. The pages are falling out, and there is a large tear down the spine, revealing the bindings. There is a small white quill stuck to it, along with a few inc sacs that look like squid were killed for them.

Also, there was a small, red and white ball, with a circular button in the middle. The top half of this ball is red, and the bottom is white. It looks new, possibly some new kind of technology, and is not dirty at all, or in any state of disrepair.

My curiosity aroused, I dusted off the book, revealing no title, and carefully opened it, revealing the inside. I flicked through the entire book, seeing no writing of any sort on any of the pages, just an old, empty book. I was about to put it down, when I saw a small note tucked into the spine of the book.

Unfolding the note, I try to decipher the strange, scrawly handwriting. After a few minutes of pondering, I finally manage to read the note, which says, "You are in the world of Minecraft. Your name... is Steve." Feeling incredibly frustrated at the note, and just "Minecraft in general, I chucked the ball at the ground, emitting a bright red light and revealing what was inside...

Out of the strangr ball came a small furry doglike creature, coloured red and orange. It looked a little like a flame, and also a dog. It had sharp pointy teeth, and deep black eyes. It just sat in front of me whining strange noises that sounded something like "Growlithe..." I decided to give it a name, so I started thinking, then saw a nearby animal, that was seemingly a medium pink plump pig. The doglike thing leapt at a tremendous speed towards it, and bit sharply at it with its sharp pointy teeth. The pink pig thing seemingly vapourized, leaving behind two... porkchops? The doglike thing picked the pork up in its mouth and plodded slowly over towards me. It seemed to recognise me as its master. I held out my hand, and watched as it carefully dropped the pork softly in the palm. As it had torn the pig apart so easily, I decided to call it Knife, as its teeth were as sharp as one!

The sun seemed to be in the center of the sky. I decided that I'd better hurry, I wanted to be safe and asleep at nightfall. I saw a tree nearby and tenderly poked it, leaving a large crack in it. How soft were these things? I punched all of the wood from the tree and fidgeted with it. I discovered that I could turn it into planks, and two of them into sticks. I managed to make a crude table from it, making something resembling a wooden pick on that, then smashed some stone with that. I went back to my table, and arranged my eight stone, turning it into a furnace. I tried putting some wood in the furnace, which gave... charcoal? I shoved some charcoal on a stick and watched Knife heat it up, making a makeshift torch.

Knife started to look worried around dusk, when I had just made a stone sword, and I leapt into the air.Since when was it so dark?! I frantically made a small door, placed it, and made a tiny room of planks, with a torch there, and a furnace, crafting bench and a chest in the wall. Using some of my charcoal, I cooked some pork, and munched silently away throughout the night, slightly... OK, that makes it sound better ... trembling because of the freaky noises outside... I sat munching some pork that I had just cooked in my furnace through the night, slightly - no, that's an understatement - petrified because of the freaky noises outside my small shack...


So what do you guys reckon? No questions to non-existent characters xD, just Steve, Knife, the pig, and the freaky noises. The freaky noises are minecraft zombies, by the way. Oh, this is rated T for... teen, but is currently a K, just have some T rated plans for about chapter 16... R&R!

And what do my loyal reviewers think of Edit One? Haha.

Ooh, edit two! What do you guys think of my new paragraph on Knife?
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