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Originally Posted by ForgottenX7 View Post
I am not knowledgeable enough in the world of Pokemon to be able to do this as of yet.
Generation 1? I already have done that and posted it up in the slideshow showcase area.
I could probably do the same for generation 2 and 3 but after that I don't believe I could make accurate enough decisions regarding the proper locations for each pokemon. I will look into it tho.
The imagination part is probably the most crucial thing to making "All Pokémon" hacks. By the time you get to the 3rd Gen and later, there's just so many Pokémon you have to work into a single region and a few extra locations (or two full regions, if working with HG/SS). Considering that, I feel that BB/VW do a fine job of bringing in all the Pokémon in some way.

Who says hacks have to radically changes things up from their base games?
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