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Okay. SU done.

Name: Robin Harleen Hamilton
Nickname: She goes by the name of ‘Noir’ nowadays.
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Region: Hoenn
Standing at about five feet and five inches, Noir has a slim body which she uses to her advantage in order to survive. Her skin is slightly tanned and her wavy, honey and slightly messy hair reaches her shoulders. She has yellow eyes that seem to change depending on her mood; usually, when stressed and aware, they look intense and brighter, but the few times she is calm they look soft and more golden. Between this eyes is a small nose with some freckles that one can only notice when standing very close to her, which usually is not allowed.
As for the clothing, she usually wears a black tank top, along with some padded shorts which have green pads and are black between them. She also adds a green cap with a black visor and a yellow ring above it, and a padded jacket similar to her shorts for when the weather requires it. Now, if by any reason she has to dress formally, she sports a black cocktail dress. There is one thing in common between those two outfits: a black mask that covers her eyes (Much like Gym Leader Brycen's).

If you wanted to define how Robin-I mean Noir- is, you would say she is a girl with a lot of courage and determination. But although one might think that she's a fearless fighter because of that, then you're wrong, as she's actually, well, the exact opposite. A mixture of fear of getting caught, anxiety and a desire to take justice into her hands is what actually drives her.
What drives her also makes her a very territorial and somewhat jealous girl. You will be in trouble if you go near what she considers her 'turf' without her actual consent, so do it at your own risk. But if you manage to get her guard down with you, and earn her trust, she'll immediately give you hers and will get attached to you, maybe a tad too much. You will be part of her 'turf', which despite the creepy sound of it has some advantages, as she will try to protect you at any cost. And once you're 'hers', it is definitely not a good idea to betray her.

Robin Hamilton was born to a wealthy yet loving family from Lilycove City. They lived in a mansion by the sea, and she had almost anything she desired. Huge plush dolls, cute cushions… But she lacked one thing: Friends. Not only were the kids too unfriendly and jealous about her status to play with her, but also being an only child and the heir to the Hamilton’s Fortune made her parents worry about her a lot, and were a little bit overprotective towards her. During a trip to the vast Hoenn Sea, she saw a green Pokémon flying at high speeds across the sky, and she got an interest in Pokémon. Thanks to her parents and books, she gained a lot of knowledge about Pokémon and dreamed of becoming a trainer. She also became very attached to her parents and feared that she’d lose them.
And that fear eventually came true. Unknown to Robin, an evil crime syndicate known as Team Rocket was spreading its influence from Kanto to other regions, and were slowly beginning to take over the world with nobody able to stop them. They eventually got to Hoenn, and took over all Hamilton assets by force. Bruce Hamilton was not willing to go down without a fight, and against his family’s wishes, he tried to fight the grunts while his wife and daughter escaped. Poor Robin would never see him again.
What was left of the Hamilton family roamed Hoenn, escaping from Team Rocket which was likely to be after them. But after months of living down to their last dime, they were found. That day, along with the day she lost her father and fortune, would scar Robin for life. Her mother distracted Team Rocket, and allowed Robin to barely escape at the cost of her own life. After this event, she became overly territorial, and swore that Team Rocket would pay for taking her life and dreams away from her. She adopted the name ‘Noir’ and an outfit which she based on the green Pokémon she saw when she was little.

Password: T, NPC, one.
Other: She is very fond of coffee. Very.
Name: Creamer
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage[/align]
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