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We've been in Kanto four times (RBGY, then GSC, then FRLG, and finally HGSS), Johto twice, and Sinnoh we were in for several years already, which also goes for Johto in this case. That said the only region that would even remotely be a good idea is RSE but for that you might as well just make remakes.

Sure, maybe if it was a sequel type deal like with B/W2 but it wouldn't make too much sense for those who haven't play RSE if they made it in Hoenn, the Johto sames are technically already sequels of the Kanto games. As for Sinnoh we had Platinum, then had a break from Sinnoh in order to play HGSS. Honestly, I wouldn't like to go back to Sinnoh after playing HGSS.

maybe I'm over or under thinking this, but I can't think of a way for them to put it in a past region and have it be a good sell, which is what making new games is all about. And if they were in a past region, I don't think they would have made new Pokemon, which is a big sell point really.

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