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Johto and Kanto were sequals to one another because of Team Rocket and Red being able to be played. Hoenn would not make sense to make a squal to. Neather would Sinnoh,because Hoenn and Sinnoh's storyline both ended and the evil team was disbanned completely because the leaders seen ther error in their ways. However,if they brough Team Rocket back and into Sinnoh and Hoenn. I can see sequals,but it would be too like Johto and Kanto. However I would love to see another game follow Yellow and go to all the regions. Just not sure how it would work sense Ash was based off Red,and well.....Red is a heck of a lot better.

IN the sense of B/W being a fail if it wasn't in Unova,I disagree somewhat. Because regardless they will make money because it is new. However,Liberty Garden/Island,Victini,Braviary,and a few other pokemon wouldn't have matched. I really hope however the next generation will be based in USA again.
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