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I'm ShinySearcher01 with a new account! Can you update the memberlist please? :D
Quote originally posted by Team Fail:
Well, aside from the fact that it's claimed there is nothing but flat land and wheat in Saskatchewan, how many people are knowledgeable about the Montreal Expo in '67?

I came across a coin released in '67 when I was rolling up some coins earlier this evening.

Montreal Expo.. Hmm. it was a fair of some sort, and it was the namesake of the ill-fated Montreal Expos, no? /badwithhistory

Ahh, centennial coins... I'm a coin collector (which kind of contradicts the fact that I'm bad with hstory lol, but whatever) and have the whole set of them. If you want to see for yourself:

All are pretty common and very affordable on eBay or at coin collecting stores. :P
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