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James vs Jose (Joint Posted)

"Zephyr, Extrasensory" José said. Zephyr nodded, and blasted the Trapinch with telekinetic energy. Zephyr giggled, and José gestured at the other trainer.

"So, its your turn. Don't worry, you'll lose soon." José said, laughing slightly.

"You little ... !" Sam exclaimed, "Now, Mercury, use Sand Tomb so Zorua can't see!" Mercury did it instantly, stamping the ground, bring up sand that blocked Jose's and Zorua's vision.

"Now, Bite down hard on Zorua's tail!" and so he did, and Jose and Sam heard Zorua yelp.

"Don't worry," Sam grinned. "This will be all over soon, I'll win, and you can just cry away."

"Ah, but you have forgotten that Bite is a dark type move, and therefore isn't very effective! Zephyr, use Bounce!" José said. He smiled in the direction that the other trainer was in, even though he couldn't see him. Zephyr jumped out of the sandstorm, rising out of sight.

"Oh yeah ..." James face palmed as the Zorua soared through the sky. "Mercury, because your other two moves are only dark type moves, use Sand Tomb to protect yourself from Bounce!"

Zorua flew down from the sky, making both James and Mercury jump, but Mercury did do what he was told, and Jose's Pokemon bounced off of the Sand shield.

"I might start calling your Pokemon Zephyr, Jose, and with the colour and it all disappearing I think it suits it, saying Zorua all the time is boooring..."

José nodded, and seeing that the Trapinch was weakening, cracked a smile.

"That would be his name. Zephyr, Faint Attack." José said. Zephyr disappeared, and then suddenly reappeared, attacking the Trapinch. He ran back to his position in front of José.

James saw he was grinning, just because Mercury was weakening. He was weak and tired already from the last battle, so this was hardly fair.

"Crap ..." he muttered, "Mercury, use Faint Attack to confuse Zorua, and then use Sand Tomb."

"Also, Jose, your Zorua is only winning for one reason - we had only just finished our previous battle, so I wouldn't be that bothered if you win because this has been pretty much unfair."

"You're Pokémon was at perfect health. The only thing unfair is type disadvatage. Zephyr, watch for him." José said. His body language was that of someone calm and sure of himself, but his insides were alive with the electricity of adrenaline. Zephyr took the hit, and got up. He was reasonably hurt, but not near as much as the Trapinch.

"Finish him with Dark Pulse." José said. He then nodded at the trainer as Zephyr glowed, and smiled as the pulse of dark energy hit the Trapinch, making it faint.

"Nice battle. I didn't get your name. I'm José." José said, walking up to the trainer.

"My name is Sam, Sam Davi." he grinned happily as he slowly picked up Mercury. "That was a great battle, we should travel together sometime."

Sam walked slowly away, smiling to himself. "He," he thought, "is not too bad ..." And he healed Mercury up with his potion.