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Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
You do realize you can go buy a gun and shoot yourself in the head, right? Should it be the gun company's responsibility if they choose to do that, because they're selling a killing tool?

2 and 3: [citation needed]

Wanting everyone to "live a healthy life" is wanting everyone to adhere to your own moral code. Your moral code should not dictate the country's laws.

Yeah. ...and you DO know there's a distinct difference between Suicide and Manslaughter right?

If this thread were about guns, I'd go on a completely different story, but as it stands, this is about Marijuana.

Living a Healthy life is a moral code I'm telling everyone to adhere to?

OH JESUS, God for bid I'm ever worried about the sanctity of other human beings and their lives and families. God for bid I'm worried that some random drunken stranger can completely ruin someones life... How dare I ever make such an offensive statement.

Please don't get me started. Whether it's a moral code or not, do you honestly think EVERYONE would disagree with that? Eat your vegetables, young man.


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