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Originally Posted by PiemanFiddy View Post
Living a Healthy life is a moral code I'm telling everyone to adhere to?

OH JESUS, God for bid I'm ever worried about the sanctity of other human beings and their lives and families. God for bid I'm worried that some random drunken stranger can completely ruin someones life... How dare I ever make such an offensive statement.

Please don't get me started. Whether it's a moral code or not, do you honestly think EVERYONE would disagree with that? Eat your vegetables, young man.
From what you are posting in this thread, yes. It is good that you care about other people. But it is up to those human beings and families to decide what to do with their lives, not you. And as I've said many times before... this "drunken" stranger exists with or without the law. And furthermore... the fact that we DO allow such things as this to happen is all the more reason to allow the same for marijuana

A government has to make a stance. They have to be either be for, or against something. When they start picking and choosing... the entire system falls apart.
Being wrong isn't "bad", failing to admit that you are, is.
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