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Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
Well, you have your reason and I won't argue it. It still doesn't make sense that the only connections outside are through dangerous caves, but that's just me.

For ones wondering, I continued the discussion with Cyclone through VMs.

Originally Posted by HeroesAndCons View Post
I would love to see this completed, although I knwo that will not be till at LEAST mid-2013, and possibly be a year from now. All I can say is good luck, as I am very interested to see how it pans out, but I don't like playing incomplete Betas. When this has at least a Beta that goes to the equivalent of the E4 (or whatever you have replaced them with in this hack), I'll play it and see what it's like.
I've been making this hack for around 2 years now and it will most likely take me another 2 years until I can release the first complete version. Currently, I'm already at the point "equivalent to E4" but there is still a lot more to come. Oh, and Elite Four isn't really replaced with anything in this hack. I've made a place called Grand Tower in the game which you can access in beta 3 already but it's more like Battle Tower than E4 challenge (and even it has its role related to couple of storyline related events in the game). I've pretty much everything being there for a reason, most stuff is connected to each other.

Anyway, the game won't end you beating random trainers in order to achieve something, like getting your team in the hall of fame. Instead, you're gonna have to save the world (whatever this means... you'll find out in beta 4) ! All I can say for now that this has something to do with the Elemental Orbs you're sent off on a quest to search for.

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