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Way late to see this thread, but here it goes...

Nov. 23 2012

-Obtained Starter, mah Snivy :3
-Went to Floccessy Ranch, got a Riolu.
-Fought 1st Gym, won on second try.
-Went to Virbank City, caught a Magnemite, grinded a bit for the second gym.
-Fought 2nd Gym, surprisingly won with Snivy.
-Did all of the possible movies I could do.
-Went to Castelia City, got a castelia cone and did everything I could in the city (except the gym)
-Caught a Darumaka and went to do the event in the sewers.
-Fought 3rd gym, won with ease.
-Bunch of desert grinding.
-Finally got to Nimbasa and grinded at the various sports places and < City > routes
-Afterwards, went to the amusement park place.
-Currently at the 4th gym!