Thread: [FRLG] Elite 4 Help (Leaf Green)
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I don't recommend a reckless recoil move like Double-Edge on Blastoise and I would instead take Bite, just to have coverage against Ghosts, but I don't think you can access a move relearner before the E4. Been so long since I played FRLG that I'm not even sure. Everything else I would have said has been said though. Next time you have questions about in-game teams, post it in the in-game team help forum. I'll go ahead and move this there now in case anyone has more to add.

If its not a nuzlocke i would suggest going as far as you can (no potions as that would waste them) and train as you go (its okay to lose a few times)

If it is a nuzlocke do what Yellow Silver Nostalgia suggested.

Usually someone will mention if it's a nuzlocke, so I think it's fair to say this isn't a nuzlocke run haha.

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