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Update time~ As a lot of stuff happened, I'll only be covering bits and pieces~

Driftveil City Gym - Pretty much swept everyone with Fiona, cause she was a boss.

Chargestone Cave - Caught a Lv. 25 female Joltik and named her Erisa. Was pretty much the exact Joltik I caught way back when I played through White; Timid with Compoundeyes. Decided to take her back to Lostlorn Forest for Breeder-abuse training. Stopped at about Lv. 36~37, shortly after she evolved.

Mistralton City Gym - Erisa... Electroball'd ERRYTHANG. ...Well, there were some Electrowebs in there too, I guess.

Undella Town - I don't like Undella's BGM outside of Summer as much.. Anyway, utterly booty-wrecked Ryudo and went south to catch a Golduck for Strength, Surf, and (later) Waterfall. Went through the entirety of Route 14 for training.

Black City Gate
- Fat guys dancing for no reason. They'll apparently disappear for no reason as well.

Lacunosa Town - I've come to appreciate Lacunosa's BGM more. Listening to it as I type this up~

Route 12 - Caught a Tranquill for Fly.

Village Bridge - Found something I have never noticed before; On the left side of a bridge there's a door down by the water. Inside is a Lady.. practicing her singing. ...I think. A girl up-top gave me Sitrus Berries for telling her what was going on.

Route 11 - The location of my favorite Breeder friend, whose name I don't remember.

Route 9 - Cleared everything out, picked up items, went shopping, bought a Pokeball at 10% off.

Opelucid City Gym - Went through the first battle, asked myself why the heck I've yet to do some training..

Route 11 - Said hello to my favorite Breeder friend again. Abused her Emolga and Altaria until everyone were Lvs. 51~55. (Empress was the only one at Lv. 55.)

Opelucid City Gym - Wrecked ERRYTHANG with Empress' Acrobatics. Fiona and Nanako saw some action in the Triple/Rotation battles, too.

Humilau City Gym - Erisa and Fiona wrecked ERRYTHANG!

Seaside Cave + Plasma Frigate - Everyone wrecked ERRYTHANG~! I care not what anyone says. Vespiquen's Attack Order, Acrobatics, and hindered-Power Gem wreck stuff like an end-game BAWS.

-Monotype Adventure Info
  • Trainer Name - Elena
  • Adventure Started - 11/22/2012
  • Pokemon Type Chosen - Bug
  • Hall of Fame Debut - N/A
  • Total Playtime - 5:42 -> 13:42
  • Number of Badges - 4 -> 8

-Erisa (Bug / Electric)

  • Lv. 57
  • Nature: Timid
  • Ability: Compoundeyes
  • Thunder Wave / Signal Beam / Discharge / Electroweb

-Fiona (Grass / Bug)
  • Lv. 36 -> 57
  • Nature: Adamant
  • Ability: Chlorophyll
  • Leaf Blade / Return / X-Scissor / Swords Dance

-Nanako (Bug / Poison)
  • Lv. 34 -> 57
  • Nature: Adamant
  • Ability: Poison Point
  • Steamroller / Iron Defense / Poison Tail / Bulldoze

-Empress (Bug / Flying)
  • Lv. 37 -> 60
  • Nature: Adamant
  • Ability: Unnerve
  • Attack Order / Heal Order / Power Gem / Acrobatics

Until next time~

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